Goodbye Rincon!

This weekend we took our final trip to Rincon GA. It's a sad time for everyone. Scott (Erik's brother) got transferred to Columbus, OH. The company he works for closed their Savannah office. With today's economy I know he's lucky to still have a job - but we are going to miss being within three hours of them.

Since moving here to Sumter we've been able to see the kids grow and be born! We've not been lucky enough to live close enough to family before to see them on a regular basis, so this was new to us and it was wonderful!! We will miss that.

So, a new chapter in the (now) Ohio Caddicks lives starts. New home, new schools, new climate. And a new chapter in our lives starts too. One that is sadly, more of the usual for us. Back to pictures, facebook updates, and phone calls.


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