Anti-Procrastination Day

As a (sometimes) follower of FLYLady, I notice things - like Wednesday's are Anti-Procrastination Days. These are days you do stuff that you've been putting off. Well we all know I'm awesome at putting stuff off and since Zach is in CORE for 3 1/2 hours I figured I could do something. But WHAT?? Where to start?? So I listed three things I've been putting off:
1. Updating my blog
2. Buying Erik's Birthday Present
3. ANYTHING the FLYLady has on her list for the day

So, at least I'm updating my blog. Check. Since today is Erik's birthday, I guess I couldn't put off the present buying anymore. Check. Laundry room and bathroom week. Check. Woo Hoo!

By the way - if you ever have an opportunity to buy, rent, or steal a house with or without a laundry room always choose with! I didn't. 'Nuff said.

CORE. I'm a little confused about Zach's CORE Class this time. I signed him up for Phonics and Spelling Camp. It seems like more of a reading camp, but I guess those go hand in hand. He's a pretty good reader (he hates to do it, but he's good at it), but (as noted before) couldn't spell his way out of a paper bag. I was hoping this camp would help out with that, but if it is mostly reading stuff - ??? But it's only day three of an eight day camp so we will see. Usually I love CORE. They have helped him so much with all kinds of stuff, so I'm upset that I'm disappointed this time.

Thunderstorms - which I love! Tornadoes - which I don't. We've had both in past week. Sadly, since our dish usually goes out during the storms, we didn't even know about the tornado. Getting that news a day late seems wrong. We survived - the house three doors down got struck by lightening. Everyone there is fine and I saw the roof repairers there yesterday.

HOT HOT HOT What else is there to say about South Carolina in the summer? Speaking of SC - apparently University of South Carolina won the college world series. I couldn't give two craps about that but since I live here I have to listen to it! But, of course, I'm off track - some silly senator now thinks that when people say USC they will think "University of South Carolina". Sorry numbnuts! That will NEVER happen! I'm not even from California and I KNOW USC stands for "University of Southern California". I hope anyway, or I just made a South Carolinian a$$ out of myself! Perhaps I have been living here too long.....

Alrightythen. To sum it up - Good. Hot. USC is in Cali. My bathrooms are clean, but you will have to wear a blindfold to get to them!

Have a great rest of July!


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