Things Accomplished...and not

I'm pretty proud of myself. I actually did get at least one load of laundry done every day last week (except for Sunday!). That's a huge accomplishment for me! I also started unloading the dishwasher every morning and I made our bed every day. Whew! Good habits starting!!

Sadly, I didn't get the classroom/Zach's new bedroom painted this weekend. I really wanted to, but I walk in there and look at all the stuff and think "ugh"! Come on, I'm a curriculum hoarder - there is so much in there that I will never use but I can't bring myself to get rid of 'just in case'! I'm going to have to do it though and quit procrastinating. I have the paint, I have the stuff to paint, I need to get it done. Plus that will be one room down that will done and organized - then I just need to keep up with it.

Funny story - we went to Charleston for my nephew's birthday party and their bathroom is painted about the same color as our new paint in the half bath! And Erik thought I was crazy for picking that color!! Oh heck, maybe we are all crazy!!

I discovered the FLYlady this week. OK, I guess I rediscovered her. I found her about 5 years ago but wasn't ready to 'git r done'. I feel ready now, which is why I think I've been able to keep up with the laundry, bed-making, and dishwasher this week. I'm taking my baby steps! I want to just jump in and get it all done, but I know that won't work for me - so a little at a time. Sooner or later it will be all squared away.

Here's to a new week of keeping up with habits AND getting the classroom cleaned out and painted!!


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