Proud Moments and Curriculum Sale!!

Tuesday, as we were finishing math, Zach says, "Can I have harder math?" Whoa! Where did that come from? Well, I'm not exactly sure and a couple thoughts rolled through my mind - first 'yay!' and second "really, this late into the year?" I know, the second thought was just pure selfishness on my part - but it's really what I thought! Needless to say, we will be working to harder math - we are running through the rest of our current curriculum to see where it becomes hard. So proud moment #1 goes to Zach.

Today the boy and I were charged with picking up pine cones and sticks from the yard so hubby could mow. We pay the boy to pick up the various yard debris, on a sliding scale, and not very much - but he always feels like he's earning his own money so it works for us. I decided to use the yard pickup for our math today. First he had to figure out how much he made, then he had to count his own change to get his payment. Yes, I actually deviated from a workbook and felt no qualms about it! Proud moment #2 goes to me! By the way, if anyone is thinking "so" let me tell you ~ my friend Laurie could definitely back up the ginormous step that is!

I'm so excited - April is AOP's 20% sale month! We have determined that Lifepacs and Horizon's math are pretty much our curriculum and since both are published by AOP that's just awesome as far as I'm concerned! We may actually try one of the new Monarch subjects for next year - one course on the computer would be ok I think. I have until the end of the month to decide for sure but since he likes doing things on the computer I have to try it out! If anyone is curious here is the website for AOP. No, I don't get any kickbacks!! No curriculum is for everyone but this is the only one I've not felt the complete need to change - so I'm going to count that as proud moment #3!

Anyone else have any recent proud moments?


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