One Room Down

I finished painting my first room. Usually, I pick the color and Erik does all the work - but this time I did the work! I wish the pictures had come out better but I narrowed it down to these two colors. I always thought that wall was contractor white, but I guess it's contractor off-white!

As you can (maybe) tell it came down to two shades of yellow. One was bright and the other brighter! It is an extremely small space so I figured 'why not'? So, Sunday off I go to Lowe's with my paint card to grab a gallon and start removing some of these paint samples from the house! Here it is finished ~

Yes, instead of yellow it is a beautiful shade of apple green! Just goes to show, you never know what I'm going to end up doing!

I'm editing this - the paint color is actually the color on the wall without the light switch - and no, there are not two different shades!!


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