We very much have tried to start a schedule all up in this mess of school, scouts, housework, and all of life's little "gotcha's" that come along. Honestly, we have. But here I am, at a very early (or late!) hour writing. No, I didn't go to bed a wake up already either....

We did have a schedule somewhat together before we went on vacation and it was working pretty well. There was a lot less aggravation for both CG and myself. School got done before midnight, errands actually got accomplished, things were looking up for All Saints AND the mother/son relationship (as opposed to the teacher/student - which was also looking up). Now, somehow, we need to work our way back to the 'schedule family'.

Anyone who knows me, knows I'm not a HUGE fan of schedules. "ish" is a very real time in my world (we'll be leaving about 1:30ish - you know what I mean here!), so when I start thinking of ways to get back on schedule, you know this is a very disliked concept that worked! I'm am going to work very hard to have us moving in the right direction and almost there within the next couple weeks. Tuesday should be easy - I have an 8:15 doctors appointment (OMG what WAS I thinking when I said 'yes' to that?!) and he'll have to get up and go with me! Scouts should be very interesting that night...

My point - well, I don't know. I guess it's just that I'm frustrated that what was starting to come together really well, fell apart way too quickly.


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