I must obsess!

It's official - I HAVE to obsess about something. I'm not sure what it is about my genes, character, or whatever it is that makes me that way - but there it is. Anyone who's read my blog more that twice knows that I usually obsess about homeschool. ANYTHING about homeschool - curriculum, schedules, am I missing anything, and on and on it goes. Well, since we have pretty much figured out what we are using and I've relaxed enough to realize that Zach is smart - but kind of lazy, he hasn't asked me a question that I can't find the answer to, and I'm competing with SC public schools. So, with the curriculum worked out for the rest of this school year and quite possibly the next few this left me with nothing to worry about all time. What do I do with myself if I can't plan out the next year? What do you mean I can't make chart after chart just to throw them away and start again? AHHH!! What do I do?

Well of course, me being Kris, decided to find something else to obsess about. Why can't I keep the horizontal surfaces of my house from becoming cluttered after only one day? Is there a way to force myself to run the vacuum every day? Is dusting really that important? Why is housework just so icky? Those didn't take too long to figure out - I don't know, no, no, and just because. Done with those - what next???

Paint. Yes, we've lived in our house for almost four years and have only painted two rooms in the house. I know, there are three painted - but one was painted when we moved in so we can't count that! That kind of makes me sad. After deciding the whole house needs to be painted I've spent the last couple weeks thinking about paint colors, buying those little sample cans, slapping splotches of paint willy nilly in just about every room of the house. Sadly, with the exception of three rooms I have it figured out. I'm growing attached to the paint splotches though - wonder how long I'll keep them there before I actually buy the paint. Hmmmm So, now that I have that figured out, and many days of painting before me, now what??? I know, most people would say "Wait! Don't move on until you have the painting done!" but that's not me. I need notebooks with plans written and rewritten. I need something to do with my insomniac self on those nights when I don't take my sleeping pills. I need something to obsess about!! I found it. You knew I would, right?

Sadly, it's not quite as earth shattering as everyone would like to think. I know, I'm an extremely exciting person who lives this fun-filled crazy life - so I know y'all are pretty surprised by the non-exciting nature of my new obsession. Sorry to disappoint.....

"What is it?" Everyone's asking. All of you are thinking it. Don't look back, I didn't say it yet! I'm not going to either. Not this time. I have to figure some more things out - but look for the next exciting installment of "I must obsess!" I guess I could be super creative and call it "I must obsess II" or something equally cool and random. Hmmm perhaps I've found an obsession to divert me from my current obsession......


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