A day like any other....

Since we weren't intending to take a day off school, but we have - the boy is terribly sick and like most of the male species is requiring almost constant attention while ill. So here I sit, not grocery shopping or returning library books or anything else I was supposed to accomplish today and I thought "I'll just write my blog"! Here I am again folks - ready or not!

I have some dear long time friends who just put an offer in on their very first house! That first buy is so awesome - it also makes you want to throw up with all the waiting!! So, Shan and Jay I wish you the best of luck - I hope your dream comes true!

Last time I blogged I discussed my obsession with being obsessed about something, ANYTHING! Just let me plan and plot and do spreadsheets!! I guess it's the one thing about my old job that I can't get away from - need a spreadsheet? I'm on it! Want me to crunch some numbers? I'm there! I only wish I could organize other parts of my life so well. ahhh what can you do?

Anyway, after much consideration my new obsession is getting out of debt. Did you know there are like a zillion theories about getting out of debt and most of them have names that have something to do with snow? Avalanche, snowball, snowflake - hmm thought we were talking about money here! I get it though, they need to be called something. Also, most people consider a mortgage 'good debt'. Seems like an oxymoron to me. Anything that has the word "debt" in just can't be good. Of course that's only my convoluted non-trained opinion! Those financial guys went to college for this you know.

Anyway, after looking at a plethora of blogs about getting out of debt and seeing that we have a lot of it - I decided it was time to buckle down. Of course, planning stuff out is the easy part - sticking to it, not so much. But I'm determined. The plan changed - first I was going to do the avalanche, then the snowball, then the payment that annoyed me the most (which by the way is a realistic way to do it!) but now, I'm back to snowball.

The problem with paying off debts snowball style is that it mathematically doesn't make sense, which is one of the reasons I've been struggling to come up with a plan I like. But after considering all the options it seems like the best way - for now. To see any bill have a balance of ZERO. Oh the awesomeness overwhelms me when I think about it!! I'm easily amused and entertained sometimes.

So, there it is - getting out of debt - my new obsession and a pretty darn reasonable one if you ask me! So, my two blog followers - I'm going to share my journey with you. Instead of my Twitter updates I'm going to show you the progress in this quest. Oh, I know, you're so sad about the Twitter updates - but I might bring them back when all is said and done. The rumor is they are going to make us start paying for Twitter - I'm sure it's a lie, but you never know in this day and age.

Maybe I will get some more followers who realize we are terrible at managing money and if we can claw our way out anyone can! Maybe I can be a beacon to other people who lived it up and are now paying the price. Maybe - oh what the hell - today is March 31st 2010 and we are $308,150.15 in debt. We are planning to be debt free by November 2035. Yes, that includes the "good debt" of our mortgage.


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