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I really like these sites and thought I'd share. The first is Free Range Kids and the second is Television without Pity.

I like the first site, which is a blog, because it's about common sense parenting. Redesigning hot dogs, warnings about roasting marshmallows, and other weird (and quite frankly) stupid things that people with kids and common sense can both figure out without help from the government or big business. She tells it like it is - a girl after my own heart!

Television without Pity - on this site I really only read the American Idol weecap. It's written by a guy named Jacob who is snarky, sarcastic, and says the things I usually think but don't say outloud! He's a riot! Even if you don't watch AI (or if you're like me and just like the audition part the best) give it a shot.

Lately I've been reading a lot of books by Steve Berry. He's a wonderful author and I've enjoyed several of his books. If you like Dan Brown, you will probably like Steve too. The first one I read was The Romanov Prophecy. It caught my eye at the mostly because I'm fascinated by Russian history. That was one of my lucky "killing time in the library" finds! Sometimes those don't work out so well!

The boy turned 9 this month. I'm over being sad and depressed about my 'baby' growing up. They all have to eventually. I just wish the time didn't move quite so quickly. We took about 10 days off school for vacation for his birthday. Last week we started getting back on track again, but I'll be honest - it was hard. Mayhaps this is why I like to school year round, hmmm? All the people who think I'm mean don't have to get a boy, with the attention span of a gnat, started on school again! I'm not quite sure how teachers do that with 30 kids in their classrooms. I would be crawling up the walls..... I am trying to get us worked down to a four day a week schedule. We may not get there until 4th grade, but it's still a goal.

Hope you will take the time to check out a site or read a book!


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