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I love the library. Honestly, I really do. It is, and always has been one of my most favorite places in the world. No matter where we go, even when I was in Iraq, I found the library. There's just something about books...

I've been reading a lot lately. After I completed the Twilight series, I was looking for other books and came across The Southern Vampire Chronicles by Charlaine Harris. I've heard that the HBO series True Blood is based on these books. They are extremely well written and I've enjoyed the ones I've read so far. As with the Twilight books, there are some of these that I've not been able to get from the library. I buy them, read them, loan them to a friend of mine, and then donate them to the library. I probably should keep them, but I honestly don't see the point. Why keep something I'm probably not going to read again when I can give it to the library and a lot of people can enjoy it?

Charlaine Harris just doesn't write the "True Blood" books, as they are now known. She writes a lot of other series, and I've dabbled in almost all of them. They grab you right from the beginning and hold on til the very end. If you're looking for some try "An Ice Cold Grave" or "Dead Over Heels". I enjoyed both very much.

Another author I've happened upon as of late is G.A. McKevett. She writes the Savannah Reid series. These are also mystery books (she's a PI) and I find them entertaining. She's outspoken - not unlike myself!

No worries, I'm not turning my mind into complete mush (even though I think this is impossible if you're reading)! I recently finished "The Kite Runner". Apparently this was made into a move a couple years ago. I never saw the movie (not a huge movie watcher) but I can say this - that book was excellent! The other day when I was in Walden Books getting my 'not available at the library' books, I saw there was another book there by the same author. I'm going to have to see if I can get that one - if it's as well written as "The Kite Runner" then it will be worth the read indeed!

My son is almost a hopeless cause about reading. He doesn't particularly enjoy it, but I make him read every day anyway. He recently finished "How to Eat Fried Worms", which he says was "OK". I loved that book when I was young. Today I gave him another of my childhood favorites - "Where the Wild Things Are". We finally found a book he really loves! Since he is not a movie person either we won't be seeing the movie, but I'm happier that he enjoys the book anyway.

The seasons have turned here in the south. Well, as much as they can anyway! It's no longer warm and sunny every day so fall must be here! I loved fall when we lived in Spokane - watching the leaves change was awesome. It's just not the same here....

We are planning on finishing this month with a flurry of activities. We are going on a owl prowl again this year, CG and I will be visiting the local museum for a Cub Scout requirement (and school too of course!), and finally there is a 'Scoutoween' which is effectively a Cub Scout lock in. My dearest husband gets to hang out for that night of mayhem! We also still have CORE and gymnastics and we will be getting my 6 month old niece for about a week! We are super excited about having a baby in the house again!

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