Obama's Health Care Plan

Admittedly, I don't know that much about the health care bill that Obama is trying to get passed.  I've tried to learn, but everything I find is either all good or all bad.  Somewhere there has got to be something written by non-partisan source that explains it all, good, bad, or ugly.  If anyone knows where that might be please feel free to leave a comment with a link, I will be eternally grateful!

Now for what I DO know about government run health care.  I have a pretty good sense of it, since I was raised in the military, spent 20 years in the military, and continue to stand by my man as he finishes his military career.  I have just one word to say about military health care - HORRIBLE.  Don't forget, military health care is Government Health Care.

Some personal examples - double pneumonia diagnosed as a "cold", an almost 1 year old child almost dying of dehydration because her parents kept getting told she had the infamous "cold" and nothing could be done about her fever and vomiting.  How about this one - "we can't let you take your son to the emergency room because his fever is only 101."  These incidents all happened to either myself or people I know.  The first two were the handiwork of "military doctors" and the last the handiwork of the "military healthcare system."  

Now, just in case you think my opinion is completely jaded by all the incompetence I've witnessed my whole life take a look at this story.  How does a gallbladder surgery turn into this?  I know one thing for sure - we will never know the truth and no one will ever pay for ruining this young man's life.  Government healthcare at its finest.

Is it true that this bill will allow the government to access your bank accounts?  Will everyone have to pay the same premium regardless of age and health?  Will people in the country illegally be able to receive health care even though they pay no premiums?  Just a few questions and I'm searching for the answers.  If anyone has them please share.


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