Let the 'official' madness begin!

Now that "regular school" (as we like to call it here!) is back in session so are all the other activities that CG participates in - gymnastics, cub scouts, and a new addition this year CORE Possibilities.  CORE is not new to us, when CG attended private school he attended after school lessons with them.  They were extremely helpful in making him more focused and attentive during school.  Fingers crossed that we will have the same results.  So starting next week our schedule will get a little more crazy - but in a good way!

We are beginning to get our rhythm down and seem to be doing fine so far.  If you are a regular follower of my blog you know that last year I had tremendous issues trying to figure out how to implement a year round school plan.  Well, I finally figured one out and both CG and I could agree on.  We work 15 days a month from July through June and then we start again.  This gives us more "down" time during the year and has so far been far less stressful for me.  Last year I was well known in my very small and exclusive circle of friends as being a Saturday and Sunday homeschooler if we missed ANY days during the week.  Now I know as long as we get those 15 in I don't have to freak out about the other things that need to be done (grocery shopping) or come up unexpectedly ("since you're not doing anything could you run to wherever and get whatever for Cub Scouts?").  Does he get the other days completely off?  Well, that's up to him.  He can't play video games unless he reads a chapter in his book.  That's every day; yes, even Saturday and Sunday.  So if he doesn't want to play any video games then yes, he's completely off.  And honestly, aren't we always teaching our kids something?

We are still using the Hands of a Child project packs this year. We started weather and got sidetracked, but we are back on it now and hope to finish it by Wednesdayish (yes, that is a real day - at least it is in said small, exclusive group of friends!).  Then we are going to do a brief study about 9/11 with the intent to finish it up on Patriot Day.  Then, well, I quite haven't decided -maybe Ocean Habitats with a trip to the beach?  Or Animal Classification with a trip to the zoo?  Both?  Tough decisions to be made here!  

Overall though, we seem to be doing well.  Do I still have days when I want to march him down to the Catholic School and sign him up?  Of course I do!  But we are getting better about working together and being together 24/7.  We are starting to do more projects, I'm letting the 'rabbit trails' take over a little more often, we are enjoying ourselves, and he is learning.  And that is really what it's all about.


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