I have decided....

summer is not the best time for blogging!  Not that I haven't thought about it but I quite never got around to it.

Having said that let me see if I can run through the updates without boring everyone to death!

CG enjoyed Cub Scout Day Camp.  He even asked to go back next year - something he rarely does.  I never did go to the HS Convention.  I really wanted to but you had to pay just to shop!  Ugh.

My nephew is gone.  He ended up staying until the beginning of July.  Having a 16 year old hanging around the house was a big eye opener - at least I know what I have to look forward to as CG gets older.

We did FINALLY finish second grade.  YAY!!  We also got his CAT test scores back.  He did well with the exception of Social Studies and Spelling.  No big surprise on either of those.  Overall though I was very happy and hubby was very happy.  We are in the good for homeschooling again this year!

We started 3rd grade at the beginning of this month.  Well, we attempted to start I should say!  As of today we actually have 5 days completed!  It's a small step ahead from last year at least.  We haven't done much for a very good reason.  Drumroll Please....

My house is CLEAN!  Ok, I know "what's the big deal?" Well as any of my dear friends know - even when my house was clean it really wasn't.  We are clutter collectors, anything flat becomes a horizontal storage area, dust is a protective coating, and on and on.  Well no more!  It took about a month but my dear friend Nicole gave up her valuable time to help me declutter and reorganize.  It is so awesome having a house where people can just drop by and I don't have to feel embarrassed.  What a great feeling!  So I will tell Nicole once again - thank you.

OK - I guess I failed at keeping it short!  That's it... for now!


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