A month? Really....

Well, it has been a long time. April was a very busy month here in the crazy south. We welcomed a new niece to our family - AP was born April 15th. She's an awesome bundle of joy. CG is thrilled to have a baby around. I'm thrilled to be living close enough to actually be a part of her life.

School is going well. I'm not sure what day we're on, but I think we have about 20 days left. The past few weeks we've been working on a new Hands of a Child Project Pack - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. We started a compost jar project, and have been discussing ways to help the earth and be good stewards to what God has given us. It's been really fun. We will be finishing it up this week. I'm planning on doing an Amanda Bennett unit study on Memorial Day later this month. That will be a lot more writing than what CG is used to, but I still think it will be loads of fun. I hope he enjoys it as much as I think he will.

Next week is our mid spring vacation. We took a week when AP was born, but this time we are going on vacation - just our family.

Our cub scout pack went on it's first overnight camping trip last weekend. It was really a good time. Now that the boys are getting older it's way more fun hanging out with the boys! Of course, eventually it will be CG and Grease Monkey, I will be out in the cold, but that's OK. Those will be my weekends! The one good thing that happened is we rediscovered our love of camping so we will be instituting a one weekend a month camp out as a family. Of course, we won't start that until the end of July. Just need to find a place in the mountains that will be relatively cool! We have kicked around getting a trailer (I'm partial to a pop-up!) but for now we will be sticking with our tent and just having a lot of fun.

I've set the school schedule for next year. I'm going to attempt the 5 weeks on/1 week off schedule. If we stick with it we will finish super early, but that will also allow us to take time off when we need/want to also. If we finish early, I will just give CG some extra time off and start him in the next grade.

Well, that's a wrap from beautiful SC.


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