A busy week ~ kinda...

We had a lot of fun this week.  CG learned a lot about volcanoes.  He even remembered what and where the Ring of Fire was!  With no prompting from me.  I was so proud!  I think we may have found our niche in homeschooling.  He even had a great time putting the lapbook together.  Our volcano erupted pretty nicely too!  

We were not going to do school next week - following our four weeks on - one week off routine; but GM can't get the time off work until the week after.  So we are doing five with one week off then three with one week off.  Not quite enough to start a complete four week unit study - but I think I can find another lapbook to work on for a couple weeks.  Next week we will be using the Evan-Moor Ancient Civilizations History Pocket for Ancient Rome.  It is a quick look at Ancient Rome - perfect for the one week I need to squeeze it into!

Today was our scout pinewood derby.  CG came in 5th - but he always has so much fun.  Of course, if he would quit messing with the wheels on his car he would probably do much better!  Oh well, it is what it is...

I learned a very valuable lesson the past couple weeks about lapbooking - you can count things across other areas.  O.K. that probably didn't make much sense; let me see if I can clarify.  We worked on the volcano unit for two weeks.  The first week I made him do separate language arts and only counted the lapbook for science.  The second week I figured out that the writing he was doing for the lapbook is language arts; mapping volcanic eruptions and the Ring of Fire is geography.  It really "sets" information in his mind instead of clumping more on top of the lapbook items.  I'm sure it's the same with notebooking too.  That will make it easier for me to plan out a schedule.

Alrighty - enough about all the blah blah blah going on around here.  Have a great week!


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