Today the boy turned 8.  I find it hard to believe eight years have passed so quickly.  So tell me, why am I suddenly being subjected to Bear in the Big Blue House and Blue's Clues DVD's again?  Imagine a huge eye roll here.  I thought we were so past this mess - then he happened on some DVD's I had stashed to take to the Thrift Shop and now he's been watching these silly things all day.  UGH!  Now, don't get me wrong - if not for Bear, Blue, or Dora my son wouldn't know some spanish, and some very educational songs about the solar system, plus how to make magenta and aquamarine - but let's face it - we are not two or three anymore.  UGH again!

We do have our curriculum set for next year - mostly.  I'm still struggling in finding a math program that works for us.  It's the hardest subject I've had to deal with this year and we're only in 2nd grade!  I can't imagine how bad it's going to be when he starts doing algebra (which I barely passed over 20 years ago in high school!)  The problem is you give him a placement test for one program and he's in level 3, another level 2, and yet another will place him at level 4.  WHAT?  Yeah, not so easy to wade through.  Here is what I know - he prefers math on the computer, hates worksheets, and needs stuff repeated a lot (as in days later) to actually "get it".  I'm still hunting for that perfect program; when I finally find it ~ oh my ~ that will be the best day ever!  

I have also worked out the whole school schedule for next year.  We are going to do 4 weeks on/1 week off.  We are also going to start very early in July - I'm trying to get him on track to start Core 3 in 4th grade.  It also works out to 195 days by the end of June - too many - but then I know we can work a couple of vacations in there and still be on track.  Yes, we are clearly on a complete 'year round' schedule now!  Of course, this has not been cleared through the Grease Monkey yet, but he's pretty good about letting me run the days as I see fit.

And now my friends I must sign off - I must find some way to get the "Welcome to the Big Blue House" song out of my head!


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