Our Bowling Park Day

Yesterday, we had park day with our homeschool group.  Since it was pouring rain (which we desperately need so I won't complain!) we opted for the indoor bowling 'park day'.  The boy likes to bowl, as long it's not on a team, for competition.  He had a blast and everyone gets a kick out of his unorthodox (but pretty darn accurate!) bowling style.  But I'm not here to bore you to death about the bowling phenom that the boy may or may not become... no, I'm here to bore you about the excessive talker that the boy has become.  Honestly, I really don't know where he gets that - seriously!

He wanted a bottle of water.  I figured "hey, he's 8, I can clearly see the snack bar line, and I'm between there and the only exit", so I gave him a buck, reminded him about waiting patiently for his turn and to use his manners, and off he went.  There were two guys in front of him, both in uniform.  Trying not to be overly watchful (at least that he knew of!) I notice he's no longer standing there quietly.  No, he's chatting up the guy in front of him.  Just yap yap yapping away.  I'm too far away to hear what's being said - but his hands are in full motion, so I know it must be something a) really exciting, b) about a video game or c) both a and b.  All I can think is "all this poor guy wanted was lunch".

Finally, he gets his bottle of water, pockets the change (now I know who he gets that from!) and comes back over to finish bowling.  Of course, being the curious mom I am "What were you talking about?"  The boy says - completely serious - "oh, just bowling and stuff."  I'm thinking 'Dude, you just carried on a five minute conversation with this guy and all you're going to give me is "bowling and stuff?" SERIOUSLY??!!

When I went to pick up my food, I passed said guy's table and stopped to say "I apologize for my son talking your ear off."  What does guy say "No problem, he's the most articulate, intelligent child I've talked to - ever."  

Needless to say - I left the bowling alley feeling very proud.


  1. Isn't it great to hear such nice feedback on our kids?

    What a blessing!


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