What a week!

But I mean that in a good way - seriously.  OK, well except for the master bath not having any water this morning!  Everything else went very good.

We started a new schedule at school.  It is working very well.  We are ahead now in a lot of things and right on with a couple others.  I'm good with that though.  CG likes the new schedule a lot better and I feel like we are accomplishing more every day.  I don't know that we are - but it feels right to spend 30 minutes on a subject instead of just reading a couple pages and moving on.  Barring any weirdness it will be the schedule we keep for the rest of the year.

It got so cold here last night (hence the no water in the master - frozen pipes I think).  Now when we lived in Spokane I can remember 20 degree days and thinking "oh it's warmer today than it was yesterday" however, now that I live in SC I'm definitely NOT used to that anymore.  We have been doing as little outside as possible the past couple days.

Check out my other blog (homeschool journal - link on the right).  I've taken the time every day to write what we do.  I guess because I'm anal about having enough documentation should the need ever arise.  I already have it hand written, but hey, I figure better safe than sorry.

I'm going to have CG watch the Inauguration on Tuesday.  Probably not the whole thing; just the swearing in part.  After all that's the most important part.  I don't know if he'll remember later or not, but I don't want to miss the opportunity.


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