Happy New Year!

A day late, of course, but really - when am I ever on time for something anymore?  

Wow!  This year holds so much promise and fear.  Soon we will have a new president.  Can he turn things around?  What is going to happen with the economy?  So many questions rolling around in my head; we'll just have to see how everything plays out.

We have been doing a little bit of school this week.  So far just two days; but I want to do two more.  Like I said before we are getting so far behind with Sonlight I just don't know how we are going to catch back up.  My ultimate goal is to have him in Core 3 for 4th grade - but I don't know if that can or will happen anymore.  I'm going to try but who knows?  Sometimes I plan it out so much it makes my brain hurt, then it doesn't work out the way I planned and I think "oh, what a waste of time" so I'm trying to just set one long term goal (Core 3 for 4th) and work it so I can make it happen.

Christmas was wonderful.  Like most Americans (probably), it was a little leaner than other years, but for the most part CG got what he wanted and was happy with the whole thing.  Since his birthday comes around so soon after Christmas it's easy to catch the stuff we missed or couldn't get then.  I think this year we are going to buy him a trampoline.  He's been asking for one and I think it would be awesome to tell him "just go jump out your energy"!  As always, I miss my mom the most on Christmas - it was her favorite holiday.

And - I guess that's it for today.  Maybe.  Right now it's all I can think of so peace!


  1. I'm doing this a day late too, so I'm with you:

    Happy New Year!



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