There's a mouse in my garage (and other things)

Yes there is ~ I've seen him (her?) with my own eyes.  I suppose I could try and set out a mouse trap; but then I'd have to dispose of him myself too.  Um yeah, not so much my bag, know what I mean?

So State lost yesterday.  That's ok, we will still get a bowl bid.  How exciting!  I've looked at some predictions and they say MSU vs. USC (o.k. that's the University of South Carolina - not the real USC).  That would be cool since I totally live in Gamecock Country!  

This week is Thanksgiving Week.  Take a moment to be thankful for all we have, the great country we live in, and the men and women who keep us free.  For school we are going to do a three day study on the First Thanksgiving.  I know, it doesn't seem like long enough, but since we will be homeschooling for a long time we can cover it more in depth in future years.  Since we are taking Thursday and Friday off I only had three days.  Hopefully next year my planning skills will be more advanced!  I'm trying to cut myself some slack since this is our first year.  Next year I want to do a Christmas study.  You know, traditions from around the world and stuff - but once again, it was the whole planning thing.  Yeah, homeschooling is definitely a work in progress.

What a busy week.  Two Thanksgiving Luncheons (well, one was a dinner), Cub Scout Popcorn delivery, plus all our regular school stuff.  I'm trying to get a head so we can take some time off when DH gets home - but we seem to be taking two steps forward and one step back.  So, we will either be working into June or we will have to really buckle down after the holidays.  I'm trying not to stress.  After all, I have until August to get all 180 days done - I just don't want to take that long.

After months and months of fighting with CG's old school about getting his records they finally arrived.  Of course it was my third trip to the school and I finally had to talk to the principal, but I guess whatever it takes.  I do know that if homeschooling doesn't pan out we probably won't be welcome back at that school!  Of course, if we had been happy with the place I guess he would still be in school there anyway.

And here is my most random thought of the day - Guns N Roses.  Yes, they put out an album but it's just Axl and some other random musicians.  I know Mr. Thinks he walks on water  is pretty sure he is GnR.  I'm not convinced.  I've only listened to part of one track (it's up on myspace) and it sounds good - but come on - no Slash? no Izzy? yeah, it's just the same.


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