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So, I have made my decision about belonging to two groups.  Since it's just really not possible I have opted to stay with the group here on base.  I really loved the Eastover group - but I had to add 45 minutes to an hour to everything we did and I was just losing too much time out of the school day.  So, there it is.  Decision made.

I have also decided to use Core 1 for the duration of 2nd and all of 3rd grade.  This does require some stretching and adding on my part - but I worked out the numbers and I think I can make it work.  If my math is faulty I will find out next year and then I can either slow it down some more or speed it back up.  For math, reading, language arts/handwriting, grammar, and spelling we are staying right on track.  Everyday for those subjects.  Then we will alternate history, geography, read-alouds, and science on a 2 day/week or 3 day/week schedule.  This will stretch out what I currently have to 62 weeks - which does leave me about 6 weeks short in third grade.  No problem I say!  We are going to study Thanksgiving all next week- so now we are only 5 weeks short!  When this works then we will start Core 2 for 4th grade and do one core a school year after that.  *whew*  There has been a lot of decision making going on around here lately!  And, as you can see, a lot more releasing of box checking!

Last week we went to a My Mad Platter a pottery painting place in Columbia.  At first I didn't think it would go over.  After all CG thinks art is a huge waste of time.  But he had a good time and painted a coffee mug for Grandpa for Christmas.  He even asked if we could go back!  So it went way better than I expected!  Sadly, not only did I have my regular camera but also my phone and neglected to use either to take a picture.  Some things I still need to work on!  

Except for the deep gum cleaning (OMG that is definitely another day!) all has been going well here in semi small town SC!


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