Our Week

We took a break from our Sonlight this week and studied the First Thanksgiving.  It was a short week, only three days, but we stayed on track with math, grammar, spelling, and language arts.  Some things just need to be done!  CG enjoyed the unit; mostly because we got to read a Magic School Bus book!  He loves the MSB!  

I've been rethinking the whole "stretch this core to last until 4th grade".  First of all, I just don't think I'm creative enough to make it go that far.  Second, since Core 2 is also Intro to World History, I think it would be great if we moved on before CG got burned out!  So, I've finally decided on a schedule that will stretch this year and then I will worry about all the rest later.  See me relax?!  Now that I've decided on something I find it very interesting that I don't spend hours at night pouring over the IG and trying to tweak it.  That's how I know it's the right amount of everything everyday.

So, what is the "new and improved" schedule you ask?  Or maybe you didn't, but I'll tell you anyway since maybe it will help someone else.  
Monday - Wednesday: History
Wednesday - Friday: Science
Monday - Friday: Read Alouds, Spelling, Grammar, Language Arts or Handwriting, Reading, Math, and Geography as needed

I still have the History Pockets that we will work on when we finish a section in History, and I have found (on my book shelf no less!) some Magic Tree House books that will fit right in with some of the Civilizations we will be studying.  I will make those Read Alouds so we don't finish all our out loud reading before we are done with the Core.  

I'm not quite sure how it will all play out as far as finishing a core at the end of our school year.  Or finishing in time to finish the next core in a school year!  I feel pretty confident though that we will finish both Core 1 & 2 before 4th grade.  If not well, we'll cross that bridge when we get there.  

Wrapping it up - I'm on a 'spring cleaning' kick!  DH has promised us our own school room but I have to get rid of the 'extra junk' floating around first!


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