A good week

We had a good week last week overall.  CG actually started listening to Charlotte's Web.  I know this because we got to the chapter where Charlotte dies and he was crying and upset with me for not warning him that Charlotte died!  I read that book in 4th or 5th grade - which was too many years ago for me to calculate in my head - and I honestly didn't remember that Charlotte died!  I only remembered all the good stuff.  Ah, selective memory is a wonderful thing!  Well, most of the time anyway!  Friday night we went on an Owl Prowl at the Congaree National Park.  They only do this a couple times a year (spring and fall) if you live close to Columbia  I suggest making a reservation to go.  We didn't see any owls, but we heard them.  We also saw trees that are over 600 years old!  Sadly, no pictures.  We are going to go back this week during the day though.  We want to see the fall colors and the big trees in the daylight!  I will definitely take that camera for that trip!  

I am so over all the back-biting and name calling that has been going on since the election.  Time to work together as a country and quit being divided.  Will I agree with all the changes that will be happening?  Probably not - but as is the American way I will make the best of it and press on.  Everyone else needs to do the same.  Realize that this is history in the making.  Your kids (or grandkids) will be reading about this election in their history books - so whether you were for or against you were around when history was made.  That in itself is pretty awesome.

I finally gave myself permission to relax about school assignments.  For instance, Friday we did the Owl Prowl and spent about an hour outside doing PE type things.  I counted this as school and pushed his 'regular' assignments back a day (to Monday).  The me of last month would have made him do the assignments over the weekend to stay 'on track'.  I actually feel good about letting homeschool actually 'be' homeschool.  I'm very proud of myself for being able to let go of the box checking, even a little bit!  I may finally be getting the hang of this thing!!

I'm still undecided about staying with both homeschool groups.  Will I ever make a decision?  I don't know.  I love the ladies (and kids) in the Eastover group.  They are awesome and I love spending time with them.  The drive to stuff is the only drawback - but worth it to me for the quality of the company.  The base group has a lot of wonderful people in it too.  But belonging to both groups is probably not an option.  Between the two we do so much stuff away from the house that sometimes it's hard to get our actual work done.  My main goal it to educate CG and prepare him for life.  And yes, he needs to be around other children - but this can be accomplished by belonging to only one group, I don't need to belong to two.  So I think about it daily.  I know that if I choose I will choose the Eastover group; but then that will put all of Zach's friends closer to Columbia.  On the other hand, the military kids move so much would it really matter?  As you can see, it's a tough call to make!

And my rambling must finally come to an end.  I have many things to accomplish today and they won't get done if I sit here and blather on and on!


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