Can you believe how my teams are doing?

First lets talk about MSU (that's Michigan State for anyone who is confused!).  They look good this year.  I'm hopeful we will have an outstanding season!

Now the team that warms my heart the CUBBIES!  I know, after all they are the Cubs, but we have such a good shot at the World Series.  I've been waiting 41 years for this (I know, not quite as long as other people but hey, 41 years is a long time!).  Waiting and watching without daring to take a breath.....

Now onto other things....

My base homeschool group - we have a meeting tonight.  According to the coordinator there are "a lot" of things to discuss.  Is one of them going to be my suggestion that we abandon the whole Statement of Faith and be a Christian based group?  My guess is probably not - but I already know that I won't sign a statement of faith.  Yes, I'm a Christian, but my religion is not why I homeschool - and a group that is limited in it's membership to military families should not have a religious foundation.  MHO of course.  We will not stay members if that doesn't change.  Military families need support regardless of the religion they practice (or don't).  OK, putting the soapbox away for now....

The election - wow, what is there to say about that?  Obama is ahead in the polls, but living in the south (I like to say the deep south because, well, I'm not from here and it's pretty deep IMO!) I have to say I've personally seen a lot of racism still going on.  Will the 'deep south' (or just the south) Dems be able to pull the handle (ok, I guess we push buttons now) for Obama?  I don't know.  I know who I'm voting for - so we will have to see how it plays out.  Speaking of voting - this is the first year in my voting life I won't be voting absentee!  For the first time I actually get to go to a voting booth and vote!  I'm so excited about that!

Wow, could I have covered anything else controversial in this blog?  Probably.  Will I next time?  Maybe.  Or next time I might just gripe about the weather or something!


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