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Well things are clipping along at a pretty even pace here at All Saints.  I hoped that we would be able to start our Sonlight and Apologia Science next week - but we haven't quite finished up some of the things we are currently working on.  We have to finish reading Midnight on the Moon and studying Arctic Penguins - two things CG specifically asked to do - so we are now looking at starting our newest new curricula on the week of the 8th.

We did get our Sonlight order this week and let me tell you - that was exciting!  They call it Box Day in the Sonlight realm - and it is super cool.  We did an easy day that day so I could go through all the books and set up the library shelves and stuff.  Let's face it - I was way more excited than CG - but his favorite time of the day is reading time (we are reading Midnight on the Moon out loud) so I think that this may really be a good fit for us.  Apologia is also read aloud - so I fear I may lose my voice until I'm used to reading all that stuff every day.  

Today I spent figuring out the schedule for the rest of the year (days - not exactly what we are studying - I do that every week kind of) and after church tomorrow I will try to figure out exactly how to break up the new stuff so there is not so much out loud reading every day.  Maybe Science three times a week instead of five?  I love planning stuff out - I love it more when we can actually stick to the plan!!  At least I have a whole week to think about it before I try to put it into play.

So I'm very excited to finish up our current lessons and start on the new stuff.  The first read aloud of Red Sails of Capri (which I never heard of) so I've been reading that book since I unpacked it.  I hope to read all the read alouds before I actually read them out loud!


  1. Box Day!

    I recently read Red Sails to Capri to my wife, and she really liked the book. ...but, that's not surprising about a Sonlight title [smile].



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