More Changes

Well more changes arrived at All Saints Academy the past couple weeks.  The unit study went very well!  CG loved doing little projects and different things.  He didn't like putting the stuff into the lapbook when done though.  So - this past week we focused our science study on all (of all things) bubbles.  Of course CG LOVES bubbles so I figured we can't go wrong here.  We didn't, but this time instead of making a lapbook we made a notebook.  I still ended up glueing most of the stuff onto the pages though.  While it seems like it's working better as far as him retaining information he's not the 'put it together' kind of kid.  I think we are going to stick with this style of learning though - or maybe try some of the Charlotte Mason techniques.  

Math - we have changed.  We now use Saxon Math.  You either love or hate this program and we love it.  A lot of hands on with a worksheet every day.  CG loves it and is doing very well so far at remembering stuff we have covered.  Plus it has the wonderful review every day (much like AAS) which is something he definitely needs.

And that's a wrap for now.


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