Even More Changes

Who would have thought that choosing the right curriculum would be so hard?  But alas, that is the way of homeschooling.  I have been congratulated on a couple of my online groups for being brave enough to change.  Apparently that's something that "newbies" don't do very often.

This past week I ordered Apologia Science (Elementary Astronomy) and Sonlight Core 1+2.  The Sonlight is for reading, history, and geography.  Even though CG is not a huge fan of reading we are going to give it a whirl.  He likes to be read to and enjoys the days we curl up on the couch and read together - so this should make school a lot more fun for him.  I also ordered a kit to go with the science - it has all the things you need to do the hands on in the science book.  Science + hands on = extremely happy CG!

I also ordered some grade one books on the Lutheran Faith.  I know, he's in second - but lets face it; our church ways have been pretty minimal.  So I figured we could do the grade one stuff here at home - he'll get the grade two stuff at Sunday School.

So, after we get all our new stuff next week I will hopefully be able to tell you we are settled and finally loving everything about homeschooling!


  1. Look forward to hearing about your Box Day when your materials arrive. I'm not a huge reader myself, but I loved the Read Alouds of Sonlight. To this day I love books on tape. Reading is physically draining to me (mostly due to my eye-tracking issues).



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