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We are a Disney Family

We love spending time with the main mouse and all his friends

We've been to DisneyWorld several times in the last few years and although we are by no means "experts" at doing Disney, we have learned a few tricks over the years that work for our family perfectly. I thought I would share them with you so maybe you could learn from some of our mistakes!

1. Stay on the property. Disney has tons of hotels (resorts) on property, at all price ranges, and honestly it's worth it to stay there. The first year we went we didn't and had to fight parking and traffic. It's much easier to park your car and take the Disney transportation system where you want to go. Also, when you stay on property there are days when the parks open earlier or stay open later just for resort guests. We only usually stay later (this girl is NOT a morning person - even at the happiest place on earth!).

2. Get the dining plan. We usually do the quick serve option (no special sit down/character meals). This is the plan that works best for us. The snacks include everything from drinks to ice cream to popcorn. If we want to eat in one of the fancy Disney places we pay for that out of pocket. We don't do that very often, not because we're cheap but because we are not fancy people. ;)

3. Park hopper! I know these passes are more expensive but it really is the best way to go. Another lesson learned from our first trip - we had the passes where you could just go to one park a day. The day we went to Hollywood Studios it poured rain. If we had park hopper passes we could have made our way back to Magic Kingdom and hit the inside rides instead of losing a whole day of fun. 

4. If you can afford it (we've only been able to once) and it's going to be warm while you're there add the water park option. There are two water parks that Disney owns and they are a blast! We spent one day just at Blizzard Beach one trip. So worth the extra money.

5. Of course, have fun! Make your memories great ones.

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